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Chapitre 77

Billy Elliot

Topics: Performance, Dance, Billy Elliot Pages: 3 (948 words) Published: November 11, 2014
Chelsea Barron
Mrs. De Gagné
October 17, 2014
Billy Elliot: Close Analysis Assignment
The “angry dance” scene takes place after Billy’s brother spent the night in jail and Billy missed his audition. The camera angles in this scene are used to in a very interesting way. Everyone starts off in the kitchen where the camera is on all of them and moving around the room every now and then. Tony lifts Billy onto the table and tries to make him dance, however, Mrs. Wilkinson tells Billy not to. When the argument between Mrs. Wilkinson and Tony Elliot intensifies the camera angle change. The angle changes to give the audience Billy’s point of view. This is achieved with the camera looking down on Tony and Mrs. Wilkinson and Jack. As the argument continues the camera shifts to close ups on Tony and Mrs. Wilkinson showing the audience the amount of anger and emotion that is being displayed on their faces. This also shows that Billy is almost starting to ignore the argument around him, trying to find an escape in his mind. The scene then shifts to Billy doing his “angry dance” outside. The camera angles constantly change throughout his dance starting at birds eye view and changing to close ups on his face. The close ups are used in the same way as before-to show emotion. The camera angles allow us to see different aspects of his dance specifically when the camera does a close up on Billy’s feet. This shows the audience how talented Billy is and how precise his dance moves are. The most interesting part about the close up is the fact that it is when Billy is dancing on the stairs. This angle allows the audience to notice that Billy takes two steps forward and one step back. Sound plays a major role in setting the “angry dance” scene. In the beginning of the scene the argument between Tony and Mrs. Wilkinson starts off a little bit loud and then escalates to very loud. Tony’s swearing seems to make the argument louder. After Tony lifts Billy onto the table...
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